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Astro Auto Salvage ,Dana Karklins, Sorry excuse for a junk yard Boynton Beach Florida!!. Astro Auto Salvage is one of the biggest scams in the automotive industry. I called about a speedoemeter cliuster for a ’96 Chevy truck. When the owner, Dana, verified that they had one, he said the part was listed for $23.09. I replied that I wanted to get it shipped to me, as that was a fair price. He began to develop an attitude, saying his “all-parts warranty” would not apply to an electronic part being shipped out of state. I then asked how much he was going to charge to ship it to me. At this point he was extremely rude and said “50 dollars” (YES, FIFTY) to ship this 5lb part. I looked up the shipping costs myself, it costs about $15 to ship that package from him to me. After this ridiculous experience, I began digging around online. I found a review posted by a former Astro employee, revealing that Dana publishes his own reviews, and HIS EMPLOYEES MUST SUBMIT A POSITIVE GOOLE REVIEW AS PART OF THEIR APPLICATION PROCESS! 270+ 5-star reviews, and they’re all fake!! What a coincidence that they all say basically the same thing just worded differently, all have 5 stars, and none of them can spell “courteous” correctly. This guy is a joke, a fake, a crook, and apparently will sink to new lows to scam you out of your money in exchange for broken parts. Jordan, Perrysburg, Mi.

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