Athre Facial Plastics Review


Raghu athre ruined my nose. I wish I never got my rhinoplasty from dr athre. He is full of empty promises. When I first got the surgery, he had hounded me to leave him a great review and that he relied on this positive feedback. I had just had my bandages taken off when he started in on this. Of course – he wants you to leave a great review before you start seeing the true results of what he did to your face! Let me tell you once he gets your money and does his half poor job of a rhinoplasty and you have a problem? He will avoid you – you are on your own. He will not return phone calls, emails, his staff will ignore you – everything you can imagine. Pictures speak for themselves. One side of my tip of nose is higher than the other. I have a pointy knot at the very tip, it is so uneven I am ashamed to even be seen in public. My left nostril is deformed (Just look at the pictures). I also have a pollybeak deformity because of him. My nostrils are uneven and I have scar tissue poking out inside my nostrils. It even hard to breathe. The tip of my nose is incredibly droopy. I should have avoided this man like the plague but I put my trust into him, and this is what I get. Dr. Athre will do nothing to make it right if you have a problem. Remember that. Find a skilled plastic surgeon who knows what he is doing. Don’t make the same mistake I did!!

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