ATI Career Training Center Review


I graduated from ATI Career Institute in 2001. I went thru the ultrasound program, graduated at the top of my class. I was also an instructor for ATI 1 year later. Sadly, the truth is that all the way down the ranks from the Director to the janitor, that place is a huge scam. They have you sign a bunch of paperwork asking for financial aid. Instead of you receiving the checks. They have addressed to the school. Where they keep the entire amount, for instance my program was 23000 dollars, yet I was awarded 38,000 dollars. I never saw a penny, and they pocketed the entire amount where I now owe to that money and cannot get a job because the werent accredited. I believe thats called fraud, theft, felony? I want those 15000 dollars!


Name: ATI Career Training Center

Country: United States

State: Texas

City: Dallas

Address: 10003 Technology Blvd W

Phone: 888-209-8264


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