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Atkinson Truck Sales Sold junk dump truck. With no inspection. With multiple problems Chatham Virginia!!. Lied. Sold truck without inspection and a lot of broken pieces. We bought a truck about 6 weeks ago. We were told by them that the Mack truck would be full inspected and made sure everything is good to go. We drive 8 hours to get there. Look at the truck and it’s in the garage. Which we now know they just parked it there that morning because there were No leaks underneath. A lot of paint on it. We drive it and it seems okay. We have never owned a dump truck before and they knew that. We do the paperwork come out to leave and notice a big leak of hydraulic fluid underneath. I go back in and tell the salesman. He gets a tech to look at it and tell me it’s probably just over filled. But they would pay to fix it if it needs repair. So we drive back. Take to a hydraulic place. Cost 3200 to get it fixed. Atkinson only pays 1400. Said they could have fixed it for that. Then why didn’t they? Then we find out Atkinson DID NOT do a DOT inspection which is required before they sell. When we first asked about the inspection he said their garage flooded and lost the paperwork. Then later we are told they did not do a inspection. It costs us another 1700 to get the truck able to pass Dot inspection. We have been a month and still not on the road because of Atkinson lieing to us. They just paint over the problems to make them look good. Then We put a load in the bed for the first time. Guess what ? The pump is bad! Boy Atkinson really give us a screwing. We understand stuff happens in trucking. Which is what the salesman told me when we were telling him. But you spend almost 100k on a dump truck and are told they went through it and make sure it’s good you don’t expect to have to spend another 6k to get it on the road. We have plans to by two more trucks next year and will not go to Atkinson. They have a nice place up there and a nice selection. And can help with finance. But man! This is the worst screwing I’ve had. Jason Payne doesn’t care. He was rude. Salesman was friendly and we told him that but hey they’re salesmen. If you buy from them check the truck over and over and over. Even put a load in it cause if you take it and put 20 tons in it and the pump is bad like us you got a problem!

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