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Atlanta Best Used Cars Buyer Beware!!! Dealerships sales A LOT of lemons and doesn’t tell you that the vehicle is a lemon!!! Norcross Georgia!!. I purchased my 2018 Nissan Pathfinder SL in March 2018 for $25,000. We were showed a Carfax before buying it and the Carfax was clear (or at least the Carfax they showed me was – might not have been for the vehicle I wanted since I didn’t write down the vin#). We knew the vehicle had some transmission issues and the dealer reapired it and then Atlanta Best Used Cars had purchased it from the auction. I live in SC so I had to pay the sales tax and get the title changed over into my name, which I did. I review the title before sending it to the lender. The title was clear – no red ink or notes. I wish I had made a copy of the title before sending it to the lender. In 2016, I financed the vehicle with my bank to get a lower interest rate. The title must have been clear (or so I thought) because I’m sure that my bank would not have loaned me the money for this vehicle if it had something on the title. Now in 2018, I went to a local dealership to trade the Nissan in on a newer vehicle with less miles. The dealership pulled the Carfax and it says “Branded Title: Buyback/Lemon. The Carfax report that Atlanta Best Used Cars showed me did not have that one it. I would not have paid $25,000 for a lemon! Now I’m stuck with paying on a vehicle that even if I pay it off will not be worth anything even remotely close to what I paid for it. My advice is to write down the vin# of the vehicle to make sure that the vin# matches the Carfax report. I was clueless about buyback/lemons. What’s worse is that neither the first bank nor the second bank caught this before now. Not even the insurance company. It’s a sad world the way that dealerships/car lots treat customers. They saw this sucker coming a mile away and I hope other people reading this will be able to not fall for it. Hopefully, this write up will help others to not get ripped off.

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