Atlanta Clearance Center Georgia Review


I called Don, the owner of Atlanta Clearing Center (4611 Greer Circle, Stone Mountain) last night, February 22, 2011, to look at a king size mattress in his store as advertised on Craig’s list. After I arrived in the store, and after looking at several mattresses at the store, I told the lady (who was the only person in the store at the time) that I wasn’t ready to purchase but was just looking.nShe told me to give her my visa check card to swipe, and that she would hold the transaction off until I call the next morning if I wanted to go through with it, then she will process it and set up a delivery of the mattress. nBut when I got home and look at my account, she had already processed it and the charge was pending on my account. After researching the company on the Internet, I realized it was fraudulent. I found lots of consumer complaints against the Royal Heritage warranty to be a fake. People were not getting what they ordered; some of them did not get their merchandise or money back. nAfter calling the business numerous times 2-23-11 I got no answer, so I decided to go there and see what was going on. I notified the police, and the officer called. The lady told the officer that the business “open by appointment only.”” nThe lady called me this afternoon @ 3:00pm

February 23


to set up a delivery. I told her I did not authorize them to take my money. And that our discussion was for the transaction to be on hold

because I found out that the company was a fake I decided I did not want to make a purchase.As of this moment I have no mattress

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