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Atlantic Auto Brokers, LLC F-Liars, Cheaters, Fraudulent Individuals Rochester New York!!. Purchased a 2006 Silver/Black Honda Element from Atlantic Auto Brokers, LLC. Got it home, turned it off, and it would not start back up. Had our neighbor come over with his jump box (mechanic for LEXUS/MITZUBISHI) and jump it it, upon it running for 30 seconds he asked if we heard the noise coming from the engine…he called it Piston Slap, told us to take it to a Honda dealer. Made an appointment for three days later, at Ralph Honda. Husband drove vehicle back to AAB,LLC the next night after work (about 3:15) to have them take a listen/ drive, Shaun (store manager and liar #2) was outside smoking, he told my husband that he was NOT a mechanic, and would have to set up an appointment. (Well, when we drove to your place of business and you were working under the hood of a truck, were you painting your nails?) Called back the the NEXT day, they could squeeze us in the following week. So, in the meantime, we (myself and my husband) took the vehicle back to AAB,LLC and we were greeted by Todd (aka Scratchy) and had him listen to the noise, and IMMEdiately he said,”Sounds like Piston Slap”. Then I had him listen to 2 other noises that I was hearing. One that sounded like the front right sway bar and the back brakes. He said, that the rear brake noises was due to snow built up on the mud flaps (without even driving it). Idiot!!! Took it to Ralph Honda, while pulling the vehicle into the service area, and I was exiting the vehicle, the salesman said, “That’s piston Slap”…He took it in, and looked it over and found that it was indeed the front passengerside sway bar, and the rear brakes had been put on backwards (hey, Atlantic Auto Brokers…can’t be your mechanic was much of a mechanic either huh Shaun?) So, the next week comes and we take the vehicle back to AAB,LLC and tell them what Ralph Honda found. We were told that they would take care of ALL repairs. They fixed the brakes and the sway bar, but, did NOTHING with the piston slap. This is where it gets nasty…. UPON signing the bill of sale, Shaun tells us they are giving us a Bumper to Bumper Extended Warranty (I have it in a text form the owner, Mike (Chief Fuc**ng Liar) as well. And yet, they NEVER submitted the warranty information, my information, or the car information to the EW company. So, they purchase their used vehicles from a large used car dealership in Henrietta, knowing that these vehicles have issues, and sell them AS IS, hoping consumers (you and me) don’t pick up on those engine noises that aren’t suppose to be there. If we complain about it, they will then submitt the paperwork to the EW company and then file a claim.When I spoke to Mike on the phone about fixing the piston slap, he said he would just submit the claim to the EW company. And I asked him, “EXACTLY how does that work?” You NEVER submitted the information to the company, I checked…I even spoke to a Supervisor. They received NOTHING, showing that there was an Extended Warranty on this car. Now, call me silly…but, isn’t that fraud? I mean, I can’t go out and have an accident with a vehicle and then call and have insurance added to the vehicle, after the fact and yet, that is what they wanted to do. So, Mikie got mad and told me that I would see him in small claims court, I did, and guess what? I WON!!! But, yet AAB,LLC does NOT follow the laws/rules or the State of New York or the BBB. They did NOT pay up, until a mutual aquaintance (makes me wanna barf just saying that) told me to contact the DMV. So, I did, and after they were given a month to pay me or their Sales Licenses were going to be suspended, they paid me. Yes, it took 14 months for them to pay me. But, at least, I can sleep at night! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE think twice !!!

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