Atlantic City New Jersey Police Department Archbald Pennsylvania Review


On August 24th, my husband and I parked on Michigan Avenue in Atlantic City to enjoy the beach for the day. There were vehicles in front of and behind us. There were NO signs stating that it was illegal to park there or that it was a towing zone. Later on that day, we find out that our vehicle was towed by the Atlantic City Police Department. To add insult to injury, the impounding facility would not accept a debit card so I had to cross a 4 lane major highway, jump over a concrete median divider and dash into a small gas station to get to the closest ATM. Naturally, the ATM would only allow a maximum of $100 deductions so thankfully, I had more then one debit card and account. After risking my life to cross the highway again to get back to the impounding facility, I surrendered my $175 and was allowed to drive my vehicle out of what looked like a car lot. Absolutely, insanely, ridiculous! Is AC in that much financial distress that they have taken to illegally towing vehicles and then making it life-threatening to access an ATM machine. Good bye Atlantic City – I will never return. Rose: Atlantic City, NJ

2715 Atlantic Avenue Atlantic City, New Jersey USA

609 347 5780


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