Atlantic Energy, LLC. Review


At first, a lady came in carrying the LED 4ft light with her and happily said that she is from BGE and she is replacing all our light bulbs with LED. All nice and dandy, after spending half a day walking around our business and counting out all light bulbs she finally said that she is not from BGE but she is an electric supplier. Ok, so I was under impression that I get all the light switched and I was ok changing a supplier. | A few days later an inspector came in from the same company and waisted another few hours of my time, a few days later I get 32 lights when we counted over a hundred!!! Apparently, I missed the small print! | After installing the new LED lights in my office 4 light fixtures burned out completely and they will not do anything to fix it. And now I am trying to get out of the contract and they send me a bill, but it is not a cancelation bill it is a product invoice. I switched to another company and they said that they will cover the cancellation invoice (and they are much cheaper), Atlantic energy refusing me a regular cancellation invoice.


Name: Atlantic Energy, LLC.

Country: United States

State: New York

City: Long Island

Address: 4602 21st st, Suite 1884

Phone: (800) 917-9133


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