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Problem after problem ( OUR HOME BECAME A MONEY PIT$$$$$$$$) My father and stepmother purchased this house, my Dad missed New York and loved New Town in Williamsburg, Va. They loved the fact of walking around to all the different stores. In 4 months of living there my Father was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung cancer ( a NON-SMOKER). My fiancu00e9 and I left Norfolk, VA where we attended school to move in to the carriage house/ studio home over the garage, located behind my parents town home. We we renovated it, added a kitchen, laundry area, etc. Last December he passed. My fiancu00e9 and myself stayed of course to help my stepmother with bills, help around the house, etc. Then the problems began….THE LIST OF PROBLEMS THAT CAUSED A LIFE OF HELL 1. Our wall mounted LG AC unit went out, we spent close to $900 to fix it. When they arrived to fix it we had to replace the whole unit. Whe they looked for the issue all the WIRING WAS LOCATED BEHIND THE DRYWALL !!! They had to cut open a whole in the drywall and pit in a circuit door to get to the wires. 2. My stepmom cannot flush the toilets while doing laundry…..if she does the toilets over flow. We had water poor g through the ceiling. It is totally ridiculous and unacceptable 3. THIS IS THE NUMBER ONE PROBLEM.

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