Atlantic roofing and remodeling LLC Charleston South Carolina Review


I gave Wilbur Taylor of Atlantic roofing and remodeling a sizable deposit to put a metal roof on my home. he gave me nothing but excuses for the last three months and I’ve had to resort to legal action and use every available resource to recoup my money. he is a chronic liar and incapable of doing anything he says he will do and he also knows absolutely nothing about roofing as he subs everything out to the lowest bidder do not give this man any money as his company is nothing but a check kiting Ponzi scheme and you will suffer greatly trying to recoup your losses. if you’re unfamiliar with the legal system you will get real familiar with it after you get Wilbur Taylor a check trust me on that.

222 West Coleman Blvd. Suite 201 Mount Pleasant, South Carolina USA


http://[email protected]

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