atlanticvw BEAWARE MISLEADING CUSTOMERS WITH FEES West Islip New York!!. be aware buyers! on march 8 2019 , i saw add on used 2019 passat listed for $14,999 i callad them spoke to sales person , i said i am interested in purchasing the vechile offered $14600 he said let me speak to my manager , i sad ok , than he transfer me to a sales manager and he said he said he is willing to sell the vechile for that price, than i asked him i am about an hour away from the dealer , i dont like to see any suprises with fees , what kind fees do i have to pay he said ny sales tax , + $75 + $37 , i asked 3 times , those are the only fees right ,i dont wanna waste my time driving there , he said those are the only fees , i went there , they start playing with numbers again , i said why you are playing with numbers , i was clear that i dont wanna pay any other fees , he said no nooo i never said that , i had them listen to phone recording ,asking him 3 times make sure there are no other fees , he said no no after him and other sales people listen to the conversation he was still arguing that he did say there are other fees ? jokeeee liers , i cannot belive company like volkswagen hire people like him altougt their ceo lied about diesel emmisons rates , why not looser like him wont lie right! s****.> good luck

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