ATS Diesel Performance


I bought an ATS transmission because I thought I was getting the best. Well I was wrong! I spent $5900.00 on the trans. for my 2001 ford f550. After 6 months the torque converter locked up. It took 2 months of calling ATS every day before they would send me a new converter. I have had the trans. for a year and a half, now the transmission will not go forward in any gear, it will only go backward. I took the truck to the trans. shop, they checked it out and said it had to be something internal and they would have to tear it down to find the problem. I have only put about 15,000 miles on the transmission and it has let me down twice and ATS does not seem to care. I have been calling for 2 weeks now and I have not gotten anywhere. They advertised 3 year 150,000 warranty when I bought the trans. now they have 5 year 500,000 mile warranty I dont see how they can do that when they dont even stand behind the old warranty. So I’m just going to put in a 6 speed manual in the truck and then Ill have something I can depend on when I need it. Its about a 30 hour drive one way, if I lived closer to CO I would take it back and throw it thru there front door!!! If you are considering an ATS product please dont because your just wasting you hard earned money on junk!!!!

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