ATS Group douglasville Georgia


Complaint: They will hire ANYONE AND EVERYONE running ads on CL in many different categories.. The interview is short and they wont answer your questions directly! Then you call back for “application status”” and your hired just like that! Orientation and training isnt paid! THEN they try and tell you how you will make thousounds selling KIRBY VACUUM.. They then push you to sell to your friends and if you dont

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Website: That’s a lie they tell you to get you in the door”” I wasted 2 weeks with no pay. Foul mouth perverted salesmen and lost EVERYTHING because of this scam a** company. No matter what kind of pretty picture they paint DO NOT FALL FOR IT… all I did was put my mom $2200 in debt by selling her that machine and get this- I made $25 commission on a $2200 Sale… NEVER AGAIN”


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