I want to warn people about a company in Montreal,,Quebec they call them self ATS’ ATI… nothing to do with TransForce, there is Jean St-Gelais, Eva Johnson married couple they have office in Pte-Claire, and Anjou they sell you the idear of becoming owner operator with guarented contract and earnings of 5000$ a week, if you talk to them everything seem’s real they get you a truck with a financing company, but the catch is when you start to work they send you to there son company in Toronto called Aberstar, once your there you find out pretty fast that you been add, every single personally i know 4 poeple that went there lost everything they take half your pay you dont even know about it, plus they take 30% on what’s left, I’m telling you if your reading this and you have started or thinking to make business with them dont give them any money or if you did try to get it back and RUN AWAY as fast as you can or you will loose everything like many other’s, perso dont even ask Jean if it’s real his going to say you know on Internet people write what they want, I did alot or research before I started to trust them and I wish someone would of taken the time to do what I’m doing now, one last thing they put some ad’s on Kijiji and in the news paper , I think the Pointe-Claire location is getting burned so they started to advertaise in Ville-D’anjou, do some reserch on aberstar in this site you will read about what I’m talking about, I hope this will help some people Pointe-Claire, Quebec,Canada



Country: United States

State: Alabama

City: Pointe Claire, Quebec

Address: 6500 Trans Canada Hwy, 4th Floor

Phone: (855) 473-6668


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