AT&T Dallas Texas Review


I called ATT fo internet service in March 12 09, So they tell me the TECH guy will be out to hook up the wiring and all that necessary crap in about a week. So the modem arrives like 3days later then I wait for the tech guy a few days after. So he gets to my home hes looking around the side of my house ” Ill have you up in runnin in no time”” So im like cool

well few minutes later he knocks on my door talking about theres no way I can receive internet service

and of course im pissed off but I dnt take it out on him. I call stupid customer service and they’re like yea shows here you should be up a runnin

and im like yea thats the problem

so they transfer me to tech support and the guy confirms that theres no way I can receive there service so I ask him why they told me my area qualified and hes like I dont know sir but im sorry for the inconvinience so I cancel

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