Attic Angels


I worked for this organization for well over a year. Staffing was constantly inadequate; 17 people quit within 6 months from the SNF part of the facility alone. The management touted being agency free, which really meant that the workers would come in for an understaffed shift, then be forced to take another 8 hour shift to cover ill calls/underemployment or lose their jobs. Mandation meant getting a pittance extra for literally back-breaking labor. Because staffing was so inadequate, it was literally impossible to provide the quality of care anyone would want an elder to have. We were given 10 minutes maximum per resident, between the hours of 7 and 9, to get everyone in bed (as the vast majority preferred to be in bed by that time or earlier.) If short-staffed, this included showers for 1-2 of the 11 residents as well. Patients that preferred to stay up were harassed until they were in bed (or the CNA would be berated by their RN and the next shift.)When expressing concerns to higher management, CNAs were consistently spoken down to and/or ignored. When employees were injured on the job, they were not given adequate time to heal or reasonable assignments. Weight restrictions were consistently and routinely ignored. Pregnant workers were commonly not advised of potential hazards to the fetus, such as exposure to C. dif or MRSA.Infection control was a joke. Isolation protocols were frequently ignored. I wouldn’t work here again if I were paid $50 an hour to work as a CNA. Find some place that takes agency.

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