Attorney John E. Bragonje


Complaint: This is an online complaint against Attorney John E. Bragonje. He works at the law office of Lewis Roca in Las Vegas, NV. I called the office with a legal dispute. I ended up talking to litigation attorney John E. Bragonje on the phone. He was in a hurry and rushed me. He said he is the person to talk to and nobody is above him and he is the manager and if I have a complaint to talk to him about it. I started telling him my story, and no more than literally 30 seconds into the conversation, he said in a loud hostile voice, “I’M TOO BUSY FOR THIS S***!”” Then he slammed the phone in my face. Attorney John E. Bragonje is a mentally abusive attorney. Do not hire him. You were warned. I posted his picture below.”

Tags: Lawyers

Address: 3993 Howard Hughes Parkway, suite 600 Las Vegas, Nevada USA


Phone: 702.474.2625

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