ATX Roofing & General Contrg. Complaint


ATX Roofing did not show up on time, did not cover the landscaping, A/C units and the supervisor never showed up on the job. Job lasted two days. A day or two after the roof was replaced we had a huge roof leak that allowed water to pour in which damaged the ceiling in our sunroom. When we called the supervisor on Saturday and let him know about the damage he said they would be there after the rain stopped and the roof dried up so they could survey the damage. My wife and I mopped up the bulk of the water and put down buckets and applied fans to the area to minimize the damage. ATX Roofing tried to fix the damage but it was clear after four attempts which took several months of repeated no shows and no calls it was clear they did not have the experience needed to fix the damage they caused. They finally” repaired” the leak using several industrial size tube of caulking! In addition, ATX representatives claimed their work was done and wanted to be paid the balance, however after a quick visual inspection (we have pictures) that not all the materials contracted for were replaced. It took several more trips and still everything was not done as contracted for. At our expense we hired another roof inspector who confirmed the ridge vent was not installed correctly, nail heads not caulked and other missing roof components were still not installed at all. There is more and we have pictures, but we are so disgusted with the workmanship and professionalism of the entire company. Worse, one worker pooped in our yard!!! Use these guys at your own risk.

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