Au Bon Pain Corporation Complaint


At an Au bon pan in New York Presbyterian Hospital, I asked for a thai wrap to be made. The young gentleman at the counter told me the kitchen was closed. I would”ve believed him and thought nothing of it, but after paying for a salad I didnt care for eating, and picking up the utensils and napkins, I overheard this same kid talking to another coworker who were literally a few feet away from me saying, “I could do what I want, I don”t have to do anything. If this dude comes in late, I”m not waiting for him, I”m just going to leave, I don”t care.” Overhearring this got me angry. I could be wrong, but hearring that made me think that he did not want to make me the thai wrap I had my heart set on eating. I had a long busy shift working in the ER, and was looking forward to this meal. I even left late to go on break because I didn”t want patients to be waiting for their x-rays. (I work in the radiology department). I”ve actually never had this happen to me and I”ve been coming to this Au bon pan for years ever since it opened at the hospital. This Au bon pan is open 24 hours so I don”t get why he said this kitchen is closed. This experience has left me not wanting to go back. Thank you for your time.

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