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Audi Beverly Hills Fletcher Jones Reprehensible Deceptive Sales Practices Beverly Hills California!!. My experience with Beverly Hills Audi can only be described as reprehensible. The sales team used deceptive practices such as bait and switch and outright lies to bring someone into their dealership. I would have thought the supposed stellar reputation of the Fletcher Jones brand would have been enough but I was wrong. A new Audi A5 was advertised online for a very low price. I was amazed so I verified with Alex numerous times about the type of vehicle and its selling price. I have the email string as proof. When we got to the dealership, we were handed off to no less than 4 different people. Walked to several different locations and was treated with great disrespect. Perhaps the pinnacle of the lies and deception came from the older middle eastern man who eventually told us that “the vehicle was in a crash during a test drive and is no longer available”. That was a new low. It only bolsters the reputation of car salespeople as sleazy and the bottom of the sales food chain. I was told we could buy the car for $10,000 more than advertised and it was “still a good deal”. I have managed sales teams for over 20 years. If those people were on my team and I witnessed their behavior, I would fire them on the spot. Additionally, my mate works at a very prominent high-end Beverly Hills clothing store. She has long-term relationships with many celebrities. As you know, when a person has a good experience they will tell a friend. When they have a bad experience, they will tell 20 friends. I think you know where this goes. I would never shop there again and would recommend that others do not shop their either.

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