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Audi Kirkwood Put the brakes on deceptive practice Saint Louis Missouri!!. My brakes were making a squealing noise on my Audi A6 2014. I purchased it from Parktown Audi, however in the alst 6 mos or so they sold to Audi Kirkwood. I took the car to the dealer and was informed that both my front and rear rotors needed to be replaced at a cost of $1800.00. They said however the back were not as bad as the front. I asked if I could wait on the back, they said yes and the the new costwould be $1300.00 Since this seemed very high I said I would think about it and probably bring it back. I took it to NTB on Manchester and they said they would do it for $522.00. Turned out they did not own a special machine to put it in and gave me the car back. Finally spoke to Dobbs Tire in Brentwood Promanade. They did have the machine and were willing to do the front for $600.00. I left my car this morning at 8. I got a call from the manager around 9, who told me in no uncertain terms that there was a little dust on my brakes, otherwise there was absolutely nothing wrong with them. My brother called Audi, told their manager what transpired and he said he woudl look into it and call us back. Well, we haven’t heard from him, have you? (sarcasm). What could they say. By the way, they had the nerve to charge me $32.39 for the honor of cheating me. I know Companies have to make a living, but this is a plain and simple ripoff.

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