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Audi Tampa Dishonest Dealership Tampa Florida!!. In the past 8 years, I’ve purchased three A4s from Audi Tampa and leased one A3. This dealership has gone from having a stellar sales team to a dreadfully poor group of people who have no concept of customer service, from GM to sales associate. After 6 months of attempting to resolve a situation for the leased A3 with 2 very incompetent sales associates, William Charter and Ryan Loura, who should seriously consider another career, I found out Audi Tampa tacked on to the purchase price of the A4, over $4,000. This $4,000 was the negative equity from the A3 (which by the way, if you’re thinking of purchasing one, it is a generic version of an A4), that had issues from the beginning, of which I bought it to Audi Tampa’s and Audi USA’s attention several times. Their pre-owned manager sales manager, Ray Rivera, assured me he was giving me a great deal on the A4 and not adding any of the negative equity from A3…that was grossly inaccurate. I would expect more from a dealership and a brand that I have been extremely loyal to and have referred friends and family. Here’s my Audi Experience survey: Do I like the A4 I’m now driving? Yes. Will I purchase another Audi? No. Will I refer anyone to Audi Tampa? LOL Will I buy another car from Audi Tampa or Reeves Import Motorcars? LMAO

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