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Complaint: Audio-Digest sends daily emails to doctors, offering education for medical board exams. Before each major holiday the emails warn ‘5 more days to order’, then 4, then 3… of course when the next holiday come along the ‘one time offers’ are repeated. They sell grossly overpriced products; audio recordings of lectures containing volumes of useless information, allowing them to offer ‘hundreds of hours’ of credits– when only a fraction of the material has value. In order to sell their product they offer 50% of the cost back through a ‘gift card’, knowing that doctors can write off the expense of the program on their taxes. In other words, a doctor pays $1500 for the product and gets $750 gift card back– so that after taxes the doc pays essentially nothing. But the card never arrives. I talked to the company’s representatives by email and telephone at least 6 times, each time promised that the card would arrive soon– the time depending on the person on the other end. Their ad promised the card in several days. On the phone, one person said ‘it takes 2 weeks.’ Another said it will be there in 3 days max. The product itself was not ready for sale when I made the purchase. Features that were promised were not available; the phone rep said ‘yeah, they are working on it.’ I spent way too much time with this company, after sending them $1500(!) After more than a month of waiting I asked them to cancel my account; they said they couldn’t cancel it until the gift card arrived so that it could be inactivated. After another week, the card had still not arrived, so I had to cancel the charge on my credit card– another 20 minutes on the phone. AVOID Audio Digest. There are many other options– this one is a MESS.

Tags: Adult Career & Continuing Education

Address: Internet USA


Phone: (800) 423-2308

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