Aura Vie Raleigh North Carolina Review


I ordered Aura Vie online, and I very much paid attention to the fine print where I had to enter my debit card information. At no time do I remember reading that you had to cancel your order in ten days to not receive another shipment. Over Christmas, when checking my bank account, I saw that this company had drawn $97.88 out of my account without my authorization and, upon checking my mailbox, they had sent me another shipment that I didn’t order, didn’t authorize, and didn’t want. I tried to get a hold of the company, but it was the holidays and they were closed. So, I scribbled my address off of the label and wrote on the package, “Return to Sender

I didn’t order this

“” and I threw it in the package deposit bin at the post office. A week later

I tried to call the company to see why they hadn’t credited me my money in my account. They alleged that they hadn’t received the package back in their “”Shipping Warehouse

“” and that the shipping warehouse is different from the Receiving Warehouse which gets back returns. The man on the phone stated that I should have called to get the companies return policy and procedure

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