Auravie St. Robert Missouri Review


Dear admin, I found a free trial beauty advertisment from about Auravie last month. I had read that I only paid a few dollars for shipping with full size of 3 products: Auravie Renew, Revive, Replenish Risk Free Trial with Ebooks. I didn’t see the very small information at the bottom that if the customer didn’t sastify with their products, the customer could call to cancel within 10 days after got the trial. However, I later searched more information from website after I got the trial products and I read that Auravie akways charged $97.88 from customers if ther was no cancellation within 10 days. On the next day I called to Customer Care Number (866) 216-9336 and at the end I got the system answer that my order was cancelled already and I dud it twice to make sure I didn’t do anything wrong. Sadly, I found my credit card bill that I was chared $38.29 on Mar 03, 2014 from Auravie by the name of Studio City. Since yesterday I sent email to [email protected] and i got a mail from them that they called me but I didn’t see my miss call so I called back to Customer Care Number (866) 216-9336 but I couldn’t get someone to answer me. I resend mail to them to tell them I called but nobody on line. They told me that they called me but I didn’t reply and asked me to call back again. I told them the technology didn’t lie and I didn’t see any missing calls at all. I’m sure that they only play the game. Best Regards, Ms. Sasitorn Hennessey

PO BOX 10465 Van Nuys, California USA

(866) 216-9336

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