Auslogics Review


I bought Auslogics BoostSpeed software. After a few weeks it stopped working and would not reinstall. When I called, the tech, Jeremy, asked for remote access. I was hesitant, but thought I did my research and the company appeared to be legit and I had paid for it. I wanted them to install it or refund my money. I asked the tech if he needed my order number and he said no. | The tech started to download the program again and when it was taking too long, he said he was checking some things and asked me “how I liked living in India”. What? I told him I don’t live in India. He told me that the reason the program would not install is because it said I was in India and he gave me the physical address. | “Nelson Mandella Road”, Vasant Kunj,-110070. He said that was the reason the program would not install. I was concerned I had a virus or Trojan so he did a scan. | The scan said “echo detected Hijacker in c:/……requires quarantine. 91% infected”. Then he pulled up my computer’s Event Log and showed pages of red errors. I was now very worried. He went on to tell me only Microsoft Certified Techs can fix it and they charge over $100 an hour and the fix could take 7 hours. So instead he said he would check with his Microsoft Tech. He told me since I was a customer they could do it for $369.00. Of course I said no. I would just buy a new computer. But he said that wouldn’t work since its in my network and router. I told him if it was in my router, I will call my ISP and have them fix it. He put me hold and said he would talk again to his manager. He asked if I was a senior citizen (I am) and he could give me a 50% discount. I still said no. He put me on hold again and came back with $189.00 to clean and install program to prevent it from coming back or $99 for a one time fix. I again said no. I will call Verizon and see what they say. | I called Verizon and this is what I found out; Jeremy (Auslogics Rep) typed in the chat box the physical address but no IP address. Suspicious. The scan results starts with the command “echo” which basically means text was inserted. All it said was “Highjacker”. It does not specify a name. When the Verizon Tech looked at the scan results lines, they were nothing but garbage and didn’t mean anything. The event log was sorted to show all the errors first. Errors are common but the way Jeremy sorted them, made it look like something terrible was going on. Finally, we looked up my real IP address and was able to confirm that my computer is not located in India. I do not know if they gained any information from this encounter but they do have my credit card number from my purchase. I will be closing the card that I used and don’t care at this point if I can a refund. I am just happy that even though I was dumb to let it go this far but smart enough that I didn’t get all the scammed.


Name: Auslogics

Country: Australia

State: New South Wales

City: Crows Nest

Address: 495 Pacific Highway Box 1644

Phone: 1-888-599-1677


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