Austin Avenue Auto Sales


Austin Avenue Auto Sales Sold vehicle with bad motor and refuse to give back Down Payment Brownwood, Texas!!. I spoke to a Owner name Susie Cantu-Flores and purchased a vehicle on 8/1/2018 from Austin Avenue Auto Sales in Brownwood, TX., located at 703 West Austin Avenue. I paid $500 Down, 2 hours later it was running hot. I then returned it to the car lot where it was running hot. I then waited politely 2 weeks while they had a unlicenced auto tech try and fix it. He did more harm then good. Finally they let me use a loaner. I said ok, then 2 weeks later, they want their truck back, And lied to me saying someone else wants that truck. Here it is 8 weeks later, truck still setting there, car still not running, and they refuse to give me back my $500 I paid down. I am disabled and I dont know what to do.

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