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Austin CDL Service Austin CDL Services Austin, TX aka Torres, Eddie Owner SCAM Ripped me off totally crooked BEWARE Austin, Texas!!. Torres, Eddie Owner – Austin CDL Services in Austin, TX totally ripped me & my family off! I paid this guy $1400 to get my CDL with CDL Services Austin TX. I called Eddie Torres about using his service. He had a good gift to gab to sell his service, his little tv interview & boy I was dumb enough to buy into it. I got only 30 minutes of practice time in the truck before taking the road test with the DPS office. I failed the road test one time for accumulating too many point deductions with a 68%. I failed only by only two points. You have to score a 70% to pass. Then Eddie Torres said I had to pay Austin CDL Services in Austin, TX another $500 to retake my road test. Well it was in fine print hidden in the contract I would owe $500 if I fail. I found another truck rental service that did everything for $310. I passed with a 95% on the second road test. I would not EVER recommend Austin CDL Services in Austin, TX to anyone, to expensive & a very large hidden reschedule fee should you fail the road test. I could have got everyone in my family a CDL with the $1400 I paid Austin CDL Services in Austin, TX. My advice is to run fast from Austin CDL Services in Austin, TX or you will be another statistic like me.

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