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Auto Central & RV John Frey DBA. Auto Central & RV.. I purchased a 1999 GMC Suburban from this dealer and after replacing 2 engines within 45 days he has not responded to returning the vehicle, he demanded an early payoff on my vehicle in order to get it back from repair t Rip me off with a junk vehicle, replaced the engine only to find out it had the same fuel problem shingle springs California!!. I purchased this GMC from Auto Central via a trade in of my 2004 Toyota Tacoma 4×4. The Dealer had a mechanic on site that swore up and down about the quality of this 99 GMC, I needed a larger vehicle for my kids, it was in a price range that was suitable for me. So upon talking to John Frey and the mechanic Jeff (somebody) they gave me assurance this was a sound trade. He complained about other customers taking vehicles to other service centers and finding issues with the cars, so he discouraged me from doing that with the mechanic there. Well signing the documents for the purchase and in house financing I had 6 payment to make to him for the payoff, I hadn’t made the first payment to him yet that was due 2/19/15, on 2/8/15 the Engine blew in the vehicle. After some talking and who will be responsible for this repair we came to a valid agreement that Auto Central will pay for the engine replacement. I drop the GMC off via AAA on 2/11/15 and he stated the shop will begin around 2/16/15 as he needs to find an engine. On 2/21/15 I made a loan payment to auto central for 300.00 as I just returned from Texas due to work. Well on 2/25/15 the vehicle finally left his yard for repairs. On 2/27/15 I followed up with Auto Central about the completion date to the GMC, He stated they were getting ready to put the new engine back in, On 3/1/15 I contacted John Frey again about when will it be done, he said they have a couple of days left on it. I was leaving for India for work and asked again when I will get my GMC back, it took 3 days for him to respond to my request. His response was Jeff’s mother is dying he’s spending time with her it should be done 3/5/15. I asked multiple times where my vehicle was located I wanted to see it and verify progress. he wouldn’t tell me, when I mentioned to call it in stolen because I have no news as the location or the mechanics information, he stated it’s in El Dorado Hills at a friendu2019s house.. He said Jeff finished it and it will be here in the morning 3/6/15. I left for India on the 6th. Upon my return on 3/13/2018 my employer dropped me off to auto central to get my GMC, an argument took place as to I needed to pay for the engine or I don’t get the GMC back, I reminded him that he agreed via a text that “Auto Central” was paying for it. I ended up calling the sheriff’s department, they came and John Frey left the property, I asked the police if I can tow the GMC away and have new keys made, they check the registration on the GMC and it wasn’t registered to me yet, some gent named DAVE is on the tags. so no towing., I called John Frey and stated I wanted my vehicle back, he reminded me of me saying I will pay the GMC off early when my taxes come in, so to get my GMC back I gave him $1000, this is against the contract I signed. Well I asked for repair paperwork and he said there isn’t any. After getting the GMC on 3/13/2018 I drove away and the check engine light was on and the A/C doesn’t work, so I contacted John via Phone and he said bring it by for Jeff to look at, On 3/22/15 the GMC lost power on the highway again, I contacted john again about this he said Jeff will look at it, he came to my home and drove the GMC about 3 miles and looked at it, he recommended a mass airflow sensor and change the oil, less than 500 miles on the new engine. Well on 3/23/15 the 2nd engine blew. I called John on the phone and left a message as to the failed install, He sent Jeff the mechanic to come and look at it, well he was checking the mass air flow sensor and oil, than asked if I change the stuff he recommended, I showed him the receipts, the comment Jeff made next was, u201cI wonder if the pigtail wire connection is badu201d. This would explain why the engine light was on Jeff never checked the installation completely as the problem still persisted on the second engine, it should have never been given back to me with the understanding u201cyour suburban is here and ready to gou201d were John Freyu2019s exact words on his text on 3/6/2015. Now I am without a vehicle and no response from John @ auto central.

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