Auto Computer Solution Inc. Review


The Company’s website states, “MOST PARTS ARE REBUILT AND RETURNED WITHIN 24-72 HOURS.” . They also state, “We offer FREE USPS priority mail return shipping for all our parts.” I found this to be untrue. | I sent them my LS400 ECU for repair Sept. 2, 2015 after a phone conversation with them the previous day. I waited about a week and still did not hear from them. I called them on September 14, and from our conversations, I don’t believe they had even started working on my computer. They called me back the next day and said that were working on it. | On September 17th I called them back to check on their progress, and they said they had repaired the computer and wanted my credit card information. I gave it to them and they said they would send it the following Friday, September 18th, and they said it would take from 3-5 days (they did not say total days or business days) for me to get the computer. | After 5 days total, I called them on September 22, They said it should get the next day. I did not come the next day or the next day. Since then it has been hit and miss getting them to answer the phone. Nothing was ever said about the UPS priority shipping offer as they stated on their website. | IN other words they have not lived up to any of their statements of service.


Name: Auto Computer Solution Inc.

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Hialeah Gardens

Address: 12963 W Okeechobee Rd #2

Phone: 954-937-0374


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