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Auto Gallery import Do not buy here *** do not beleive them *** review all the documents ** do noit sign blank application westbury New York!!. Stay away from this dealer. Please read it all Before you deal will these people….. If you decid to foul yourself and go to this place , do not forget to remember what happens with me : On July 24 ,2018 I I went to buy mercedes e350 for $328 monthly as they advertise. This what happened: 1- the car I called for was not there , they claimed it is sold 30 min. Ago although I was the first client at 10.30 AM !! 2- The sales girl showed me another car , got me to sign credit application to figure out the exact monthly payment ! then she asked for the insure card to lock the monthly payment of $ 328.00 . I call my insurance to fax the the insurance card. Then I have been told to wait to meet the big scammar SAM. I waited that day till 7:30 PM waiting for him and left. 3- sales girl called me next morning and said SAM is waiting for you at 11:00am . I went in time. I met him after 3 hours at 2:00 pm . he went through my credit report and said the best bank will finance the car with a good rate is ( SANTANDER consumer USA) And then he charged my card $3000.00 down payment until this point I was believe the payment around $328.00 as they advertise !!! and asked me to sing like 20 pages (contract of sale and DMV docs And told me now monthly $720.00 !!!!! 4- I asked SAM how about the $328.00 monthly payment . He said this for ONLY 60% of the price and the 40% will be paid lump sum at the end !!! ( BE CARFULL BUYERS ) THE PRICES OVER THE CARS ARE NOT TRUE!! 5- I asked Sam again how much is the total loan to pay $720.00/ month . he said $ 31700.00 !!! Because of the $3255.00 extended warranty and DMV ? I was chocked !!! I did not ask neither for extended warranty nor a new plates. because I have plates and want this plates to be transfered to the new car. He yelled at me said you singed and paid the down payment . Cannot do anything !!! also said GWC Warranty will fax now the terms and conditions but DMV in New York doesn’t allaw transfare plates anymore !! ( all his answer were false. And not true ) GWC warranty did not fax anything untill today (after 27 days ) they do not have any idea about my application and I contacted DMV they said what I have told by SAM is big lie. you can transfare plates between cars no problem!!! 6- AT 5:30 PM when I got to take the car I found the right wiper wasn’t work . I had to go home and come next day 120 mile back and forth. To fix it and spend the whole day in the street waiting for my car to get fixed. 8- I went to mercedes benz for full diagnosis they found a lot of defects need to be fixed. (I have the report). 9- for 27 days now , I am still fight to refund the fake warranty. something I have never requested !! The warranty company told me contact the told me to contact the warranty company. Sam never return my call always claim he is busy , I went to dealer two days ago Sam refused to meet with me. I spent almost three hours trying to meet anybody to fax my request of warranty cancellation to GWC warranty which Sam scammed me for $3255.00 . neither SAM nor any of the managers John ,,Mike meet with me . 10- the recipcianist told me NO BODY WILL talk to you . People come every day and fight with us . this is your problem ..

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