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Auto Guys Sexist, Dishonest, and Horrible Mechanics San Marcos, California!!. I brought my Taurus and my Prodege Speed in for oil changes and it was fhe biggest mistake EVER! To your face these guys are nice, but under the hood they run a shady and dishonest shop. So my Taurus needed a new AC and they gave us a good price so for $700 theh replaced the whole system. 2 weeks later it stops getting cold and my power steering pump is leaking, so we take it back. They ran the dye test to see what’s leaking, estimate us at $1,053 to fix evedything, and ask us to drop it off at 8am the next Tuesday. These guys were not open at 8am, they were 45 minutes late and didn’t seem to care. So I confirm the work they’ll be doing and leave my car. They said it would be done that day but at the latest I could pick it up the next morning. They call me at 1:30pm and say it will be done tomorrow. I call the next morning, Wednesday at 8:45am and ask about my car. I was told the same, shoukd be done todag but at the latest you can pick it up tomorrow morning. At 12:35 I get a call and the guy on the phone said “The hose to ykur water pump is broken, it is a $75 part and I won’t charge you labor.” I said okay and he said it will be done in the morning. I call the next morning, Thursday at 8:45am to check in aboit my car. Same line of crap “it will be done today at the latest in the morning.” This is when I realized they’re pulling a fast one on me! Something was not right and a few hours later I found my suspicious were right! 1:45pm I get a call that my alternator had died during the test run and it was $500 to replace! I was furious! I called him out on this and exclaimed he was doing shady work. I told him to put my battery on a charger, get all of my broken parts together, and I am coming to get my car. When I arrived the man who was working on my car got in my face for accusing his shop of being dishonest and said he would not give me my parts until he talked to my husband because, and I quote, ” You’re a woman and don’t know what you’re talking about.” I was fuming and said I may not be a mechanic but I am not stupid. All the parts that broke in your possession were in the same proximity as the other parts you were working on. I paid, left, and immediately took it to my usual mechanic who confirmed that the Auto Guys power washed and steam cleaned my engine compartment causing the alternator to short and blow a 175 amp fuse! That is unheard of! They also didn’t tighten ANY of the bolts on my new parts! The kicker is the reason why they had to clean the engine compartment in the first place! THEY I STALLED MY POWER STEERING PUMP WRONG, TURNED THE CAR ON, AND POWER STEERING FLUID SPRAYED EVERYWHERE! They ruined my car! Luckily I have a mechanic who fixed everything and the Auto Guys is now under investigation. Sexiest, dishonest, and terrible mechanics! Stay away from this place!

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