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Auto Max Tuscaloosa Curtis Abrams salesmenMr Fisher ownerTodd office manager tuscaloosa Alabama!!. Auto Max dealer sold a stolen car January 5,2015. I purchase a 2008 white impala from Automax in Tuscaloosa. January 5 I purchase a car for my daughter. I was told the car was a one owner and was in good condition. After the deal went threw. I was told to go to a use tire store on greensboro. So that they could replace the two front tires. My daughter works over night. On May 22,2018 at 4am she was stopped by Northport police department for a right headlight outage. The officer gave her a warning for the headlight and as he began to walk away from the car. He received a call over his radio. Stating this car was stolen. He returned to the passenager side of the car and ask my daughter to step outside the car. She was detained for several hours at the Northport police department. Being question!!! The investorgator stated ” I had a long speech for you. I needed to know why you were out this time of night and I noticed your work shirt!” my daughter remained in the integration room for 6 hours. Montogmery had the car reported stolen since January of 2014. The next morning I went to Automax speaking with “Todd the title writer!” he couldn’t find the file neither a answer for me. I told him if he wouldn’t talk to me he would talk with my lawyer. He replied “get a lawyer then!” I called Montgomery department of DMV. I was told Automax applied for a title in January of 2018 and it was denied. My date of purchase 1/5/2015. Then they applied again in May 22,2015. The date my child was stopped by the police and detained. Montgomery told me the car was reported stolen 1/2018 and Automax needs to fix it. I’ve obtained a lawyer and he’s contacted them but they responded with emails onmy,and not with their lawyer information. DO NOT PURCHASE CARS FROM AUTOMAX USA. CARS ARE BEING SOLD STOLEN AND THIS COMPANY IS NOT PROFESSIONAL!! I need justice and I want stop until I do.

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