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I would like to report Auto One Warranty Company for its fraudulent activities. The company has someone call you about your used car and offers you a warranty against all major repairs for the car. On 12/18/08 I received a call from Auto One about an insurance policy, 18 months interest free payment plan, and a 30 day return policy. I was not permitted to think over the offer as the person on the phone said that this is the one and only time they are permitted to access my records. So within the 10 min you must decide to give them a down payment $195. The Agent Myesha Gibson said it no big deal since I can cancel at any time and should wait to look over the contract before saying no officially. Upon inspection of their contract I decided to cancel my policy. I kept calling my agent. left her messages, but she never called me back. So on 1/ 8/09, I call and complained to Auto One customer service and was told me I had to send in a written letter of cancellation, which I sent out that very same day. After 10 days with no reply, I contacted my bank and filed a complaint 1/16/09. The dispute between my bank and Auto One ended on the note that I would resend my letter and they would work with me to get my reimbursement back. I called in today and discovered that Auto One had no intention of refunding any of my money. My policy was started on 12/20/2008 and I sent in my cancellation letter on 1/8/09. They claimed to have never received my letter and after sending it a second time, this time with delivery confirmation my policy was cancelled on 3/20/09. I paid $480 up to that point on a $1710 policy good for 4 years but was told I would not be given a prorated refund. It seems that this company would rather I go through the trouble of filing small claims rather than just terminate my policy and refund me when asked. Even when explaining to them that I had only been covered for 3 months after having paid for over a year of coverage I was given a “tough luck” attitude. When you call to talk to customer service you are only given first names and extension numbers and transferred to your agent who seems to be only a voicemail box that never returns calls. If you ask to speak to the supervisor you are told his name is Brad at ext. 323. I’ve never heard from Brad and he is never available when I ask to speak to him. The only thing I can feel good about is that I agreed to their 18 month installment plan rather than giving them all $1710 up front. I did a quick search online and found that I am not the only one to have been scammed. On the Better Business Bureau ( they have had 391 Complaints filed against them in the last 36 months. I have filed a complaint with the BBB. Today I went to the ORANGE COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT and filed a suit against Auto One. I am currently working with the local abc7 news so that this company’s scamming ways will be exposed. My next step is to send a complaint to my Attorney General Ha Fountain Valley, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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