AUTO PALACE, INC AUTO PALACE FRAUD ME FOR $10,000 for providing me service for 6 years audi insurance and step by step refinancing in 6 months and 100,000 miles warranties , none of them fullfilled after a year. WOODSIDE, New York!!. When i trade off my infiniti fx for audi q7 for $28,000. I got $10,000 for my trade in value which is left over $18,000 + tax. When i came to pick up the audi q7, it was $42000 – 10,000= $32000 . I asked why is so much than the original price. Their sales manager claimed to be Julio Estrada (a/k/a jay torres) and another finance manger (forgot his name) explained that i have step by step program. After 6 months i ‘ ll have 4.5% interest which is 11.9% currently. Besides there was $4500 charge for the 6 years ($75 dollar monthly for full coverage from audi dealership) audi insurances paid which ud i recieve by mail that i never recieved in a year. Later on i learn from Audi co that no such insurances they provide. another $4500 dollar paid for the 100,000 miles warranties which not issued yet. its been over an yr, no refinaces made for 4.5% after 6 months and no insurances or warranties sent for 100,000 miles which i have paid and i have the papers and auto palace have all the documents in their office computer. I had been asking, danny owner his wife jenny, jay , Felip and other manger again and again to resolve the matter. But they asking me every week to resolve the matter. Now the new manager Felip said to me Jay no longer working so they couldnt be able to help bc they dont know what he did wrong. I like to complain to DA so they wont be able to cheat any other consumers like me.

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