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Auto Processing Center,LLC refuse 2 return deposit ,made fun of me , hung up on me Santa Ana, California!!. I purchased an extended warranty from Auto Processing Center on 1/10/2013, but after some thought changed my mind . I called the 800 number on my acceptance letter to find out what I needed to do to cancel the contract and was told to send back the contract with a written message saying that i wish to cancel . I did that on 2/1/2018 with tracking information on it so I would know when it was received by them . They received it on 2/5/2013. I am not sure exactly when I started to call them to check on the status of my refund , maybe a week or so . But the refund dept which then was someone named Austin on the recording , so I left a message with my name and phone number but no return call , so I called back numerous times and not able to speak to anyone in that dept , so I tried the dept that said , if you want to cancel your contract , option 2 on their phone service and the lady there was very ugly to me . In which I told her that I had been told by Honda that alot of these companies were a scam and that since I wasnt able to get any return calls , that I was beginning to wonder about their company . Also I was told that it could take from 2-8 weeks in processing for the refund to be returned to me . So I called about every week to check on things but was NEVER able to speak to anyone in the “REFUND” dept . after a week or so , there was another voice on the refund dept and this was Daniel . Sometimes when I got no response in the refund dept I would try to speak to someone in the sales dept , option 1 . They could only tell me , “it is in processing” . On maybe one occasion or 2 , in sales I spoke to someone polite and understanding that I had waited a long time for my money and they were sorry and helpful as they could be about it , but on the other times , the representatives were nasty and some hung up on me . The last occasion I had to speak with someone it was supposedly the Customer Service Manager . I tried to explain to him that I had been as patient as I could about this refund and I was upset and that i DID believe I was being taken for my money and that I didnt know if this was even a real company or a good one , etc. He called me paranoid and I told him that in 58 years I had NEVER been thru this with any company . He also tried to say that my refund might not have been returned because I did NOT send in an odometer reading with my cancellation . This is the FIRST time anyone had mentioned this to me . In reading this contract I returned it before 30 days and it was never used . And that was NOT what I was told to do when I called and spoke to the lady on option 2 . I also have called Omnisure Group that takes the payments for Auto Processing Center and of course they couldnt help me about the refund but she did seem to understand why I was so upset with this company , Auto Processing Center . She did make the suggestion that if I didnt receive my refund after the 8 weeks that I could report this to the Attorney General . I have been told by this sales people and by the person on option 2 ( dept to speak to if u want to cancel) . that to “GO ahead and report us for 195.” and laugh and they have made fun of my southern accent and hung up on me numerous times. This is the most UNPROFESSIONAL business I have ever seen . I am a disabled Nurse , and I worked very hard for my money and 195. is alot for me to lose .

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