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Auto Proz Inc. Mike Unsafe Lemon Cars Fort Lauderdale, Florida!!. To whom it may concern: I have to report a business that is selling bad cars that do not meet highway and safety standards. I purchased a salvage vehicle that according to the sales/owner of Auto Proz Mike is the name because he will not identify himself. He stated to me to give 2000 up front and he will get me a good salvage vehicle and have it all ready and in good driving condition and pass state inspection for me. I had to receive the car half done meaning seatbelts and airbag still locked. I had alot of rust under the car in which he bought from up North in Pennsylvania. I did not want the car at this point to ride around with no seatbelts and airbag light on. He refused to give money back and stated that I bought the car now and it is to late and on top of that my mom spoke with him before getting the car and told him not to go over $3000.00 and he put the price up to $5000.00. I took the car and was making payments. I drove the car from delivery April to June with a new problem and fixture every month and that cost me over another $1000.00 and on top of that the last thing that I couldnt afford was the transmission totally gone and that would be $1400.00, but noone would work on it because of the signicant about of rust underneath. I had the car parked it was paid for but tags and title which I never received, but after several months sitting he just came by one day and stole my car. I am a college student and I worked very hard to earn this money to begin my first year with this car and I almost had to drop out of school, but instead I bummed rides and took a bus. I would not want this to happen to anyone else and to top it off you can not get his last name and he has alot of thugs hanging around making my mom and I very scared to approach him on any of this business. He is very rude and unprofessional. He had some girl that now states she work with him to call me on my job harrassing me that I owe for tags and title. I told them to take the tags back because the car isnt driveable and that was it. When I called him to ask about my car if he took it he stated I dont know. I called back after finding out from neighbor and called back and he stated yea I have it. I do not know what to do I paid over $5000 for a car and dont have it nor title. Please check this company out and see if they are scamming others as well. Sincerely Tera Bond

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