Auto Seller Network Review


My story is very similar to the one filed by the gentleman in Aug. of 2009, which is to say that after many sales calls from Auto Sellers Network, and many promises of an early sale, I succumbed to their pitch and signed up. | The big difference between my story and the 2009 one is that I (stupidly) | waited till 5 minutes after I had agreed to use ASN’s services to look the | company up on line. Through my credit card company I immediately tried to cancel the transaction, but I was too late. | Like the other gentleman’s experience, ASN did not accurately describe my | classic car, but unlike him, I did have three inquiries almost immnediately…unfortunately, each of them was from a scam artist who | wanted me to send $1200 so s/he could prepay the freight, then my | purchase price would be forwarded to me. Right! | My experience with this company is that it did absolutely nothing for | me and I would stronly advise anyone looking for help selling a classic | car to look elsewhere.


Name: Auto Seller Network

Country: Canada


City: Richmond Hill, Ontario


Phone: (888) 980-1223


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