Auto Showcase of Bel Air


This place is a rip off and they are running scam on people. Just bought a 750li and had to force them a repurchase the car and after two weeks of using my gas to get back and forth for a lemon they sold me on my dollar. This service center is a joke. Junk yard service is better. What dealer sells high end car and will only put 20.00 in the tank with a tank on empty…what dealership uses the customer road side assistance to tow in a piece of junk they sold within a week. What dealer allow a customer to risk their life with telling them the tires were low and caused the tps to come on. Later finding out by a tire dealer on my own dollar that all the tps were fine and work but both rims were bent causing air to leak and the dealer tells you to drive it anyway and stop along the way to put air in it but just get here. Also driving the car with the transmission fail safe mode and the check engine light being on. Don’t buy this car….they said they will put it back on the lot and have it sold this week. Beware!!!! These people are a JOKE. I put 3k down and was told I would get out the car with no cash or roll over of negative equity and they still stuck me with a 4500k roll over. It’s good tho..what goes around comes around and if you know what I know you will find another dealer!!! All I have to say is make Sure you dig deep in the reviews and read carefully. Check the business bureau, case search, attorney general office for complaint. Make sure you exhaust all research resources before buying. I could go on and on with more detail of my problems with the car and the dealership but it will take days to give you all the hell I was put through!!! Just don’t buy unless you like being screwed. This business is shady!!! Internet can tell u what U need to know and they won’t give the owners names but trust me there is enough out there to read that hopefully you will RUN!!

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