Auto Transport Group LLC Review


I would like to file a serious complaint about one of their drivers #6206. There is no email or non-long distance phone number to contact the office of ATG. The driver threatened my life, he said he was going to beat the s**t out of me, he almost ran over someone with his semi because he wasn’t looking by backing up down a residential street with children playing there. He forced a vehicle to slam into reverse as fast as he could in order to not be driven over completely by the semi. I have a video of the incident. I’m going to give ATG management a chance to contact me here, before I go to the media with the video and show the entire world what a bad driver they have. So far, ATG doesn’t seem to care one bit about it, so let’s see if they contact to find out what happened. I have already contacted their insurance carrier to advice them of what a liability ATG driver is. I’m not going to go away and forget about this. The driver has serious mental issues.


Name: Auto Transport Group LLC

Country: United States

State: Utah

City: Ogden

Address: 1621 W 2550 N

Phone: 801-612-1319


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