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I went for a tune up at Auto Tune & Lube in Las Vegas on Spring Mountain Road. I was told by the owner, they would install all Bosch parts including plugs and plug wires. When i noticed that the plug wires were not Bosch and mentioned it to the owner who bought them, he said “they were better than Bosch: they were Ultras.” I come to find out that they were not Ultras, they were the cheapest parts on the market. There was absolutely no improvement in my gas mileage after the parts were installed so i went back the following week to ask if they could take a look at my car and perhaps run a compression test. It appeared that i had woken him up from sleeping. The response i got from him, (the owner) was “I don’t want to waste 45 minutes.” He only had one car that he was not even working on. Never go to this lame Iranian owned store that has poor service, poor ethics, and does not care about their customers.

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