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This was the worst car purchase I have ever experienced. Purchased a car well over two weeks ago and still no sign of delivery of the car, but they have our money. The lying and unprofessionalism and lack of communication has no end in sight. Please, Please, Please, there are so many cars out there, don’t go through what we are going through. Choose another dealer. I am truly frightened of what kind of shape the car will be in if it ever gets here, and they have explained to us that there will be no refund. I was never advised that shipping would take four to six weeks. I believe he said 5 to 10 days at the most. The latest excuse is the holidays have caused a delay. Martin Luther King day is coming up and so is Valentines day, so I am not sure that it will ever be able to be delivered. To add to this, we did finally get the car. I flew out and picked it up and drove it home (2500 ish miles). It should never have passed a safety inspection as the rear-end had a leak and is rusted and corroded (sp?). It needs a new rear-end now, and this estimate is in the $1500 to $2000 range. They will not offer any assistance, and basically quoted the “buyer beware” policy. I would feel differently if the repair was minor or something that could easily have a problem, but this should never have left the dealership in this condition. My mechanic told me we were lucky to make it home at all. So, even though the pictures and condition of the vehicles they sell for the price seem like a good deal, in the end they are not. Please don’t buy here!!!

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