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Auto World USA RUN You will regret buying from this dealership. No price is worth it. Bedford, Ohio Internet!!. I bought a 2018 Subaru Outback from Auto World USA in Bedford, Ohio on 12/31/15. The car arrived on 1/15/2016. First – there were so many delays in getting the paperwork. My name, address and SS# were wrong. We missed the truck. My car arrived weeks after I was expecting it causing me to have to re-route a trip and fly. When the car arrived. I could see from 150 away that it had been in an undisclosed accident. The rear bumper was falling off and the rear hatch would not close. I later found the work order in the car for the repairs that Auto World did. They glued the rear bumper on. It fell off in transit. The clips are broken and the bumper must be replaced and painted. The “Convenience Package” that they marketed was not OEM as described and does not work. This was supposed to have Remote Start. The bluetooth does not work. The stench was overwhelming and the truck driver, and every shop I have been to talks about it. It appears the car was partially submerged. There is rust in very unusual places. All on the drivers side and none on the passenger side. The front seats had mold growing on them. The filth throughout the car is astounding. The carpets and the pading need to be replaced. The wiper blades and two door seals are shreaded. The rear hatch leaks. There are no mounting clips or screws for the license plates. The brakes have newish pads on them but the rotors are so warped that the ABS does not work correctly and each stop is an adventure. The battery died before the truck picked it up. Chip replaced it but all the straps and brackets are now missing. The axels are so rusted they will have to be ground off. It does not have the timing chain they claimed and the belt has not been serviced. The damage to all parts of the drivers seat, steering wheel, dashboard are extensive. They take absolutely beautiful pictures and have some very sophiticated program that camoflages the wear on the vehicle. So, accidents and flooding not reported or disclosed. They do not respond to calls after the sale. Terry Dobbins is the General Manager at ext. 106 and the owner is Derik Thomas. You will find plenty of negative stuff on these guys. They do not return calls. Chip Bradford my sales person who is in charge of eBay sales promises help and is compassionate but does nothing. I doubt he can. The Ohio Attorney General has 60 complaints against this dealer. Yelp is full of scathing reviews. KBB dealer review is full of more of them. Angie’s List has complaints on it. Definately a buyer beware.

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