AutoBerry Scammer selling defective convertible tops written guarantees useless Chatsworth, California!!. I purchased a replacement top from Autoberry online. It was delivered. It was installed with great difficulties due to sloppy manufacturing. Eventually, the installation was completed. After installation, it was clear that the design of the top was such that the fabric of the top stopped short of the window rain seals. As a result, there is an open pathway for rain/water to enter the compartment. I contacted Autoberry and was told that despite their advertised warranty and guarantees printed explicitly on their catalog page, they would not assume an responsibility for the top. I was referred to the manufacturer Germanex, Inc. I contacted Germanex through their website and using an email address provided by Autoberry. Neither company responds to emails. Upon further investigation, I learned that they had responded to a BBB complaint stating that they had no responsibility for what they sold. The have had numerous complaints documented in BBB and other cites like this one and so know that they are selling products that are unsuitable for use and are not 100% compliant with OEM specifications. They advertise the defective products with claims of 100% satisfaction knowing that they won’t respond. I think that is criminal. Autoberry and Germanex are incolusion to sell defective products and then not back their guarantees. They are rip-offs and scammers.

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