Automajic , Owned by Steve Ortiz


I went to Automajic to have a remote start installed on my Chevy cavalier. I purchased the remote start from best buy and talked with steve ortiz before the item was purchased to verify it was indeed compatible for my vehicle and if he needed any other parts and if he could definately install the equiptment. He verified that it was fine, that he had all parts, and that he could definately have it installed that same day. I than took the remote start directly from best buy to automajic unopened and left my vehicle there. When I returned later he had left a note on my car saying I needed some other instructions. All instructions were included in the package. He stated that he needed to know how to extend the crank time, because it was not long enough to start the vehicle. After several attempts on my part to get this information I spoke finally with a different mechanic who stated on my vehicle the crank time would in no way need extended. The problem was the vehicles antitheft system, along with the fact that the remote start was installed incorrectly, along with the bypass module that he also installed incorrectly. Automajic did not install my remote start in proper working condition and refuses to refund me the amount of $105. I had to have the entire system replaced because he had fried the remote start, he left LIVE WIRES under my feet, and did not hook up several important wires on the remote start and the bypass module. Yet still refuses to refund anything. I had to purchase a new bypass module, new remote start,and pay another mechanic to install the system. When this was brought to Steve Ortiz’s attention, he hung up on me and would not return phone calls or answer the phone. I went into automajic to return the bypass module and he refused to refund the money for that either. He was very unprofessional, uncourteous, and just a complete jerk. I am notifying whoever I can so they to do not get RIPPED OFF BY THIS MECHANIC STEVE ORTIZ. Brianna Hobart, Indiana

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