Automaxx Foothill Inland Investments George Reynoso is a TOTAL SCAM Rancho Cucamonga California!!. DON’T get duped and ripped off by George. I bought a Viper from him and he didn’t send me the registration documents for 8 months. He lied to me over 500 times with every excuse imaginable. He took my money but didn’t pay the seller/dealership in Florida. I had to find out months later what he was up to. I then fell for his lies when he said he had a buyer for my Viper. Of course he lied. And two months later he never had a buyer. And George took my Viper to his residence and when I got my car back, he had driven it over 400 miles. My Viper is a show vehicle. I barely put on 350 miles in the 8 months I had it. HE’S A SCAM!!!

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