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Automotive Electronic Services AES PCM repairs***rip off*** Raleigh, North Carolina!!. I contracted this merchant to repair my PCM on a 2002 Mustang V6. I’m writing this for a few reasons. First I hope to steer future consumers far away from this rip off. Secondly, this company proudly boasts an A rating with the BBB. Their service falls well short of that rating. I’m skeptical when it comes to things like this and should have followed my gut feel on this. I called AES back in Oct of 2012. Talked to my “Partsologist” Chris. He asked several questions I expected, such as VIN number computer codes I was seeing etc. I explained that the car had not been running right for some time and was degrading quickly to the point of not running. The ignition seemed to be going out, but we replaced the coil. Like it wasn’t getting fuel but we had the fuel pump replaced. Finally it stopped and the mechanic told us the PCM needed to be replaced. A junk yard PCM was out as we were told we would need to have the dealer program it. So talking with my partsologist in October, again in January and once again in February, I decided with my exhaustive explaining of the symptoms AES may be able to help me. I had asked Chris if this PCM would need to be programmed at the dealership several times. No was the normal answer. Plug and play. Asked about diagnostics. Chris assured me they do a fine job and there shouldn’t be any issues. So I paid my fee, sent the PCM in and got it back. I installed it, then hooked up the battery. No start. Theft light blinking. Went to youtube and tried all the things I could find. Nothing worked. Finally called the dealership and asked about the PATS. He said it likely needed to be programmed to the keys. After 2 days of thorough analysis they determined the computer was dead. WHAT? I called Chris who told me they repaired the Ignition Control driver and that was it. Dealership said there was 3 dead drivers and the computer needed to be repaired and programmed. I called 6 times to talk to someone. Net is C/S sucks at AES. They don’t return calls & I’m filing this complaint I want a full refund. AES did not accurately diagnose my problem. Repairing the PCM with a Ford certified core wound up resolving my problem. It cost me over $1000 fopr the analysis and replacement PCM. They did some additional work, but the end result was you can’t have the PCM repaired and just plug it in and drive away. These systems ARE NOT plug and Play like I was told time and time again. AES DID NOT do a thorough job of diagnosing the problem. And after I paid to have it fixed.

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