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Wow I wish I had of read the reviews first like a lot of other post on here. On Apr 18th 2014 I contacted AES about my ECM and they assured me that they could fix it and return to me with a 4 day turn around so I went and shipped it on the 19th so that they (AES) would have it on the 21st mon morn wich cost me $53 through fedex. I contacted AES on the 24th to see their progress and was told by Andy that it was done and would be shipped out that evening. I did not call friday the 25th but on mon the 28th i didnt get it in the mail so I called to check on it and was told they was still working on it. I ask to speak with the manager and was sent to voice mail so i called back and was given the ext to Darrel. He told me that it was done and would be mailed out and i would get a call with the tracking number but never did. I ask what they found wrong with it and was told that it wasnt updated in the computer yet but it was finished. I called again today the 29th and ask to speak with Andy and got the voice mail so i called back and got him this time. When i gave him my order he said they was working on it and transfered me right over to Darrel. Darrel right away got very rude with me and said that they was not gonna deal with me anymore and he was going right in the back and get it and send it back to me with a full refund. I said that was fine and he hung up on me. If i ever do get the refund or my ecm back i will let everyone know. .

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