Automotive Service Department


Automotive Service Department Car Insurance Scammers Nationwide!!. I received a notice in the mail that they have tried to get in contact with me multiple times in regards to updating my auto file. They are saying my factory warranty will expire or may have already expired based on the mileage and year of my car. By neglecting to replace the coverage I will be at risk of being Dina silly liable. The notice gives a number to call and their hours. Dirt off this is a scam because the make of the car they have down for me is a Dodge and I have never owned a dodge in my 35 years of life. Secondly my car is less than a year old and it is a lease so there is no way that my warranty is expired. Third if it was a true piece of paper they would have their address and website on the piece of paper. I feel bad for the people that don’t have acxess to the web or are older and can’t look things up before they call. That’s how I found out about this scam was the web!

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